Maze & Friends helps companies to generate new regular inquiries through high-quality social media. We address your target groups with unique advertising content and show your social media advertising aimed at your potential customers the solution to the problem: your company. With our packages we increase your brand value and gain the most important thing for your company: grateful and solvent customers!

More than 73% of Internet users value the competence and experience of a brand through content on digital platforms. However, often social media and content marketing content is, unfortunately, too old-fashioned or lacks emotional emotional value-add. At Maze & Friends we help you design and produce exciting social media content that will fascinate your target audience
and create lasting interest in your brand.

Successful design with sustainable communication

We offer the following services:

Content Creation | Content Produktionen | Content Marketing

The professional production of content in the form of photos, graphics, text and video is now crucial to the external image of your brand. Your employees feel more motivated to work in your business and your potential customers trust you more to solve the problem. We have been working with professionals in the fields of photography, video, graphics and text for years. After analysing their business, we showcase their brand with high quality content, increasing their customer acquisition through the various social media.

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Social Media Marketing | Social Media Management | Communitymanagement

Increasing their reach and awareness on social media to attract new customers for their business. Examples from the content of our social media support packages: Target group analysis, competition analysis, conception of an individual social media strategy with editorial planning, optimised posting formats for the different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Xing, Linked In, Tik Tok and others in an international context, multilingual content and community support for their messages and comments from their followers, individual reporting and analysis for their social media platforms, creation of promotional posts, visual storytelling for a higher brand value as well as other content in our consulting sessions. We create added value for your potential customers through clear and high-quality communication of your corporate content. With targeted preparation of editorial contributions and coordination of the editorial plan, we manage to reach your target group in a targeted manner. The relevance for your target group is conceived with clear messages and according to clear design lines. In this way, your brand delivers immediately recognisable added value and your customers become followers and fans.

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Performance Marketing

More new customers with paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and the like. With high-quality advertising content and the right ad placements, we create more reach for your content. The right tracking settings help us to measure your success and clearly determine the success factors. This makes your campaigns even more successful and your company continuously wins new customers via social media.

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Creative Workshops | Social Media Workshops

For specialised lectures in the field of brand consulting and social media workshops, your employees can gain comprehensive know-how. After the lecture, they understand the use of successful tools and can use them to take their company forward. This saves resources at times and helps the employees to recognise sales potential in the social networks.

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Consulting | Marketing consultancy

A targeted marketing and communication strategy is the be-all and end-all of marketing. It saves you a lot of money by reaching your target audience in their media with targeted advertising messages. Win new customers now with a leading brand strategy through external marketing support from Maze & Friends.

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Classic advertising services

A good marketing mix should also include the classic forms of advertising. We design advertisements in all formats for your desired print media. We sharpen the hearing of your target group with targeted radio spots and can integrate the podcast medium into a successful media mix. Furthermore, we have the possibility to advertise your fleet of vehicles according to your wishes.

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Your advantages

with visible added value for your customers


Nothing is more annoying than having your problems as a customer ignored. During the briefing, we discuss the exact ACTUAL status without overburdening our discussion partners. We explain the systems and terminology so that all participants understand the solution-oriented measures for the desired TARGET state.


Our contracts are clearly defined. They are presented together with clearly measurable and fair KPIs. Because our added value is clearly understandable and quickly apparent.


Our focus is on content marketing and content delivery. Nevertheless - we never forget the holistic and conceptual strategy on multiple channels. We have a very successful network of partner agencies for website, online shop and branding.


As a social media agency, we make sure that you get more publicity and ultimately more customers via social networks. Even in the case of negative reviews, we don't fly off our chairs, but actively work on consistent crisis communication through community management.


In the hunt for new clients, we never forget our existing clients. Even though new acquisition is a core objective in every agency, as in every company, for growth - like good old friends, we do not forget our long-standing companions and develop novel ideas with our usual commitment.

The 6 steps to more customers through content marketing on social media:

We lead companies with clear processes and structures to attract new customers and clients on social media.


We analyse your market, your competition and your brand position. Based on this, we develop an innovative approach to your market through creative excellence.


We create convincing strategic concepts and derive exciting content from them. In this way, we attract the attention of your target group and differentiate ourselves clearly from your competitors with the right positioning.


Now we design a step-by-step plan for their digital success so that customer enquiries are targeted to engage with them across all their social media platforms and their sales continue to grow.


Our high design standards clearly start with your corporate design. That's why our branding experts design your advertising materials according to our proven customer acquisition principle for long-lasting fascination with your brand.

Project management

A long-term strategy needs project managers who are hungry for success. We deliver the complete package to ensure comprehensive support for your project's success and walk hand in hand with you along the path to digital marketing success, even in difficult times.


The control and ongoing review of your digital measures is an important part of success. We test different campaigns and use the success stories with effective use of their advertising budget to win new customers.

Our team

Our team consists of young and strong-willed experts. Our creativity, our precision and the omnipresent wealth of ideas become a secret weapon through the networked disciplines.
We celebrate the resulting successes together with our clients in an exuberant mood.

Manuel Zellnig, BA | CEO & Managing Director

Numerous client projects at home and abroad have broadened the young man's horizons and sharpened his eye for trend-conscious marketing content. Since 2018, he has been leading the agency with carrot and stick. With a multitude of partners and international business contacts, the Viennese entrepreneur can bring successful improvement measures to every business and confirms his big words with an energetic team of experts.

Alexandra Prodanova | Marketing Management & Project Coordination | Maze & Friends

A self-confident woman with a huge talent for organisation and 4 languages in her portfolio. She coordinates our client projects together with the boss himself. Her stylish eye gives her an eye for the essentials, which is why she is always happy to assist with graphic concepts and aesthetic mood boards.

Ing. Martin Holoubek | PIXIT

The CEO of the successful design agency PIXIT has been friends with our CEO Manuel since his early years and is always in partnerships professionally. Together, projects are brought to success with precision and efficient time management. Martin is especially known for his successful web design and branding.

Bozhena | Senior Designer | Maze & Friends

Bozhena supports content development with the coolest social media posting designs and also works on our personal branding of the Maze & Friends brand as Head of Design. Her great passion lies in illustrated and playful designs. For all entrepreneurs who value a unique design with a clearly recognisable line - here's your chance. Because with a high-quality brand appearance, you will win better customers and bind your customers emotionally to your brand in the long term.

Mike | Senior Content Producer for Photo & Video | Maze & Friends

You immediately feel his love for the camera when you first meet the almost 2-metre tall man. His passion is the combination of photos and videos on the most diverse social media profiles. Aesthetics play a big role for him. In order to always exceed our clients' goals, Mike is in content trend analysis once a month and gives the entire team the latest insights in the monthly workshop at Maze & Friends.

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Maze & Friends stands for professional content & social media marketing at home and abroad. With high-quality advertising strategies, a creative team of experts and holistic concepts for more customers on social media.

Frequently asked questions

Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our previous customers.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via chat, contact form, phone or email, or we can discuss more specific cases in an initial meeting.

Every company needs different content. Whether it is the design of a brochure, filming for the new image film or the daily content of their social media presence. With content marketing, they benefit from continuous content for their existing customers and fascinating content for their new customers. In this way, they bind customers to their brand in the long term and draw on further sales potential and win ambassadors for their brand.

If you already have an established business, you probably know that employees are expensive. They can get sick and they need to be looked after by someone. They go on maternity leave and they need consistent training in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. If you work with a professional agency, you will be looked after throughout the year and save time, stress and money in the long run. Furthermore, an external view of a company is an added advantage and protects creativity from operational blindness. We would be happy to show you further advantages in an initial meeting.

Content marketing can also be used in traditional marketing (e.g. flyers, websites or sales catalogues). The big advantage is the unconventional way of using it, reaching customers and potential customers with content instead of advertising. Good content answers questions from potential customers that they enter in search engines or discuss on social media. This strengthens customers' trust in the company and creates long-term relationships.

Today's customers seek interaction with brands. The company acts as a support not only through its products and services. There is more of a demand for a constant communication platform instead of clumsy advertising messages. Nowadays, people want to talk more with other consumers or brand ambassadors as well as be informed and inspired more often. In addition, thinking about the brand should not be neglected and this is only offered by continuously interesting content. Consumers want to build a relationship with their brands and thereby gain trust in the company. Content marketing starts exactly here and builds a long-term communication channel for the different target groups. The better the content, the more the customer interacts with the brand, which increases the consumption of the products and services, but also the possibility to get free and interesting suggestions for improvement from the customers. Above all, this saves expensive development costs in researching customer needs, as these are communicated on a voluntary basis with increased trust.

Today's world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and complex. People are overwhelmed with a mass of information and so search engines also analyse their content. Therefore, texts and the type of content marketing are VERY important for search engines! The sooner a search engine or algorithm sees your message or product or service as the right answer to the consumer's search query, the sooner your service will be suggested to the customer or searcher as a solution. So the better one aligns their content to the needs of the target group as well as the search engines, the more likely their services will be presented as results of the search query to their potential consumers.

Necessary is a very "elastic" term here. The more the better, because as in the search engine question above, the ranking of your solution has a positive effect on your result rate with each additional well-positioned content. However, there is no fixed monthly number here. What is important is regularly relevant and useful content for your target group and for positioning your service and product. This improves your organic ranking (placement without additional sponsored advertising budget) and creates increased consumer interest in your target group. As a guideline, we would recommend at least 3 social media postings per channel, whereby a small number can be sufficient for Twitter or Pinterest. For a blog, we recommend continuity above all, with 2 blog posts per week often being a recommended minimum number at the beginning for good content marketing. However, since we work with special duplicatable strategy content, we can create a higher amount of content from less information at almost the same effort. We would be happy to discuss this in more detail in an initial meeting.

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